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If you want to make an apple pie from scratch,

you must first invent the universe.

clean all the things!!!
*I am a person of such deep feeling, inexhaustible creativity, and moral fortitude that I bear up under the immense strain of liking a great many things.

*No matter what I am doing at any given time, it is probably the case that I am supposed to be doing homework instead.

*Now that I'm a 'grown up' with my own furniture and whatnot, I mostly just want to make the giantest blanket fort ever and, like, live in it for three days or something, since my mom won't be here to yell at me and make me take it down.

*I'm veering dangerously close to the 'crazy cat spinster' cliche. But as cliches go, I find it a pretty habitable one, especially since Piccolo and Waverly might just be the best cats - ever. This side of the Pecos, at any rate. Whichever side that is.

*Bios always make me feel like a liar. (I just typed 'lawyer.' Unthinkingly! Without thinking! No joke! But bios don't make me feel like a lawyer. I can't think of anything that does).

The End

Current layout is 'A Well-Respected Man' by ggrliz @ thefulcrum. And what a functional, beatiful layout it is, too.